Dock & Hoist Services

Serving Our Northern Michigan Lakes

The services provided here are available on most all of our Northern Michigan lakes; including but not limited to Douglas Lake, Mullet Lake, Burt Lake, Paradise (Carp) Lake, and Monroe Lake. Please contact us for the availability of service on the Great Lakes (Michigan and Huron) or other area lakes such as Walloon Lake, Black Lake, the Cedarville & Les Chenaux Island areas, and inland rivers. Pricing is available after our FREE estimate.

Dock Installation & Removal

One of the many questions we are frequently asked is; "How much do you charge per section?" Frankly, there is no good way to answer this based on flat-rate pricing. Every dock is different in many differing ways. When we arrive on your property to estimate your dock costs, we take into consideration the following factors:

  • Beach Terrain
    Under what conditions will we be setting your dock, and where it will start at the water?
  • Ground Terrain
    What is the ground like between where you store your dock, and where it will start at the water?
  • Lake Bottom
    What is the bottom of the lake like under the water? Mucky, Sandy, Clay or Rocky?
  • Dock Construction
    What type of dock do you own? How is it assembled? How OLD is it? What size is it? There are many varying dock manufacturers each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and they all contribute to the installation and removal process.
  • Time Frame
    When do you want your dock installed or removed? Would you prefer to be present or have it ready and waiting for you?

Please Note:

For your safety and peace of mind, we will not install a dock that is determined to be unsafe by our crew. We will certainly be happy to advise you on the most cost effective and time efficient process to repair it, and restore it back to a safe, eye-appealing, and usable condition. In extreme cases, we can also provide estimates on replacement.


  • PWC Hoists $75.00
  • Canti-lever Pontoon Hoists $100.00
  • Hoists under 2500 LB lift capacity $100.00
  • Hoists 2501 -5000 LB lift capacity $150.00
  • ANY Steel Hoist $250.00
  • All hoists over 5000 LB lift capacity $200.00
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  • Ladders $20.00
  • Benches $10.00
  • Other Accessories $15.00
  • Solar Panel & Battery Boxes $30.00
  • Hoist Canopies & Covers $75.00
  • PWC Canopies or Boat Covers $25.00
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  • Seagull Deterrents
    $50.00 Per Hoist
  • Dock Anchoring
    Forming a permanent or semi-permanent fixture to which, your dock is attached to the shore -- $30.00 per person / per hour, plus materials.
  • Mid-Season Adjustments & Repairs
    $75.00 per site visit, plus materials
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